This is where people on Tumblr rattle off all of the things that they label themselves so you know where their group allegiances lie, and who am I to break with that empty tradition: I am a human being living in the 21st century, looking for answers and struggling with issues like everyone else. Atheist. Egalitarian. Pervert. Bisexual. Fat Ass. Sexy Ass. God. Slave. Douchebag. Boring piece of shit. Loudmouth. You know what? This is all unnecessary. I'm TJ. How are you?


What's your view on cartoon child pornopgraphy? Is it right to count that as a crime like with real life child pornography? Because in Sweden a man is being persecuted right now because ha had a bunch of Manga pictures of naked children.

Asked by preditor666

Drawing a murder = not a murder. 

Drawing a theft = not a theft. 

Drawing a rape = not a rape. 

Drawing a genocide = not a genocide. 

Drawing domestic abuse = not domestic abuse. 

Drawing animal abuse = not animal abuse. 

Drawing a bank robbery = not a bank robbery. 

Drawing child porn = ________________

Fill in the blank. It’s not hard to do.