This is where people on Tumblr rattle off all of the things that they label themselves so you know where their group allegiances lie, and who am I to break with that empty tradition: I am a human being living in the 21st century, looking for answers and struggling with issues like everyone else. Atheist. Egalitarian. Pervert. Bisexual. Fat Ass. Sexy Ass. God. Slave. Douchebag. Boring piece of shit. Loudmouth. You know what? This is all unnecessary. I'm TJ. How are you?


Was just on Jezebel, saw an article titled No Uncircumcised Man Will Ever Know the True Pleasure of a Blow Job. There are comments all through there, even in the article talking about how gross uncut penises are and how they're tired of hearing men complain about this. Does it surprise you that feminists are being this hypocritical and mean? Are they not shaming?

Asked by cosmosmonolith

Yes, they are. And it’s exactly the hypocrisy that they need to be destroyed for. If feminism still exists as a viable movement in 25 years, I will be surprised. They’re descending into KKK levels of intolerance and hatred. And one of these days they’ll be looked at the same way as the Klan is today—bigoted idiots not worth any one’s time or respect. But for now, they’re a viable and powerful social movement that we have to take seriously. Their influence already pervades academia and the alternative media—and it’s a form of poison. 

Their defeat hinges on our willingness to stand up to them, to steadfastly reveal that they are a hate group whose agenda is one oppression and fear-mongering.

The truth is that feminists are more patriarchal than almost any other group. Because they sell us the lie that women are weak, women are victims, women need special rights and special exceptions just to get by in the world.

Well, I know a lot of strong women. I’m married to a strong woman. And the strong women I know don’t want what feminism is selling, because what it is selling is learned weakness, automatic victimization from birth. If you are a women, you are a victim. That’s what feminism teaches. And it’s bullshit. It’s sexist—not just towards men, who it views as evil (or at least inept), but towards women, who it views as oppressed. 

Fuck feminism. Fuck the victim-mentality.